Wednesday, September 23, 2015


As a Real Estate investor in the Orange County area of California, I have had the opportunity to work with many real estate appraisers. Most do their jobs pretty well but sometimes you find one that really makes your investments a much lower risk.

I have been working with Kevin Howell of Sammco Appraisal Group for about 5 years now. He has really opened my eyes to the advantages of having an appraiser you can count on to predict the most probable selling price of my investment properties. When I know the final estimate of value of the property after I remodel it really limits my risk. I am better able to negotiate the purchase price of my investments and calculate whether it’s a good investment.

There have been many properties that I have been very close to purchasing without an appraisal. I pay cash for all my properties so an appraisal for lending purposes is not required. Kevin has saved me so much money on possible bad investments that I would never make an offer on a property with consulting him and getting his opinion of value. I consider him my insurance policy.

I have had several investors ask me how I manage to make money on all of the properties I flip. It’s been hard to tell my competition about my secrets. Unfortunately, some of them have seen Kevin at the properties before I buy them doing an appraisal.

I have even used him for the Los Angeles County properties a few times with the same results.I have had tremendous respect for the job that he does and continue to rely on him for limiting my risk. Kevin has many types of clients who have used his service such as Attorneys, Real Estate Agents and

Financial Planners. He specializes in Investment Properties, Bankruptcy appraisals, Divorce appraisals and Date of Death appraisals.

Visit his website to see how he can help you.